Living In A State With A Young Minimum Driving Age?

When it comes to the legal age to obtain a driver's license, different states have different minimum age requirements. If you are currently living in a state, like South Dakota, where the age to get a provisional driver's license is 14 years and 3 months, you may find yourself worried about keeping your young teen safe when they get behind the wheel. Get to know some of the steps that you can take to keep your child safe on the road so that you can have greater peace of mind when they get their provisional driver's license. [Read More]

5 Reasons To Choose A Catholic Private School Even If Your Family Is Non-Religious

Most parents think of Catholic private schools as strictly for students who attend Mass on a weekly basis, but children raised by non-religious families can fit in perfectly despite the focus of the school. In fact, religious schools offer a few distinct advantages that may outweigh the religious nature of the curriculum, depending on the particular school in question. Consider these five benefits to sending your child to a private Catholic school, like Saint Thomas Academy, regardless of your family's faith. [Read More]

Three Mistakes To Avoid Making During Driving School

When you sign up for driving school, you can expect to receive a comprehensive education that will familiarize you with the rules of the road and teach you how to be a safe driver. While these lessons are taught in the classroom, you'll get a chance to practice everything when the rubber meets the road. You shouldn't drive tentatively because you're worrying about making mistakes; it's better to have an oversight in this setting than during your actual driving test. [Read More]