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5 Reasons To Choose A Catholic Private School Even If Your Family Is Non-Religious

Most parents think of Catholic private schools as strictly for students who attend Mass on a weekly basis, but children raised by non-religious families can fit in perfectly despite the focus of the school. In fact, religious schools offer a few distinct advantages that may outweigh the religious nature of the curriculum, depending on the particular school in question. Consider these five benefits to sending your child to a private Catholic school, like Saint Thomas Academy, regardless of your family's faith.

Better Anti-Bullying Policies

Many Catholic schools take a very strong stance on bullying because of their religious values and ethics, and this can make a religious private school a good place for a student leaving public school because of harassment. If you're looking for a place where a student can get more personal attention and help to make friends and fit into the student body culture, a Catholic school is a good option.

Greater Engagement

Catholic schools are known for developing greater student engagement and participation. Despite inequalities along economic and racial lines, students at these kinds of private schools receive a more even and equitable education. There's less of a chance of your child falling behind in an environment where teachers are dedicated to making sure everyone understands the material before they move on.

More Flexibility

Like all private schools, Catholic organizations get more control over the curriculum they teach and how it is taught to the students. This often results in the use of cutting edge technology and learning techniques that won't trickle down to public schools for years or even decades. While flexibility is not a trait limited to Catholic schools, it's often an overlooked benefit because many non-religious people wrongfully assume that the relatively strict rules of Catholicism translate into old-fashioned teaching.

Wider Extracurricular Options

Wishing for a school where your child can go on volunteer excursions to a local nursing home or learn to sing in the school choir without having to pass a nerve-wracking audition? Catholic schools are well-known for offering a wide range of public service clubs and classes, and most of them feature activities that everyone can participate in regardless of skill of experience level.

Increased Arts Focus

Finally, a Catholic private school is a good choice if you want your child to appreciate the arts without having to send them to a school focused specifically on art training. Painting, sculpture, music, and other art forms are essential to the Catholic style of worship, so arts are heavily featured in the curriculum of most Catholic private schools.