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Considering Aviation College? Check Out These Scholarships You Ay Be Entitled To As A Woman

If you have a great interest in air travel and deep interest in aviation piloting, then aviation school is definitely an ideal educational path for you. However, aviation school does not come cheap. Between paying for your classes on the ground to investing money into flight training, you may find yourself struggling to pay for your expenses. While there are always options to help you pay for aviation school, such as grants and student loans, you should also know that there some scholarships to help students who qualify pay for their education and training in aviation, even scholarships specifically designed for women. Here are a few scholarships you may be entitled to for aviation college as a female. 

Whirly Girls Flight Training Scholarships

Whirly Girls is an international group which supports women helicopter pilots. This organization is an affiliate member of the Helicopter International Association, but focuses on females in the flight industry and helping them achieve their goals, find extended training resources, and communicate with other female pilots. Every year, the organization makes available several different scholarships for women, which total more than $150,000. The qualifications for each scholarship level is unique.

Ninety-Nines Scholarships

The Ninety-Nines is an organization composed of women pilots from across the globe in 44 different countries. Each year, this organization takes pride in helping other female pilots join the ranks by helping them pay for training and education through scholarships. A few of the most popular scholarships offered by the Ninety-Nines include the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships for Women Pilots and the Fly Now Award for Student Pilot Members. Both of these prestigious scholarships can help you pay your way through aviation and flight training to reach your goals. 

Women in Aviation International

Women in Aviation International is an internationally based group that prides themselves on helping women achieve their flight and aviation goals through scholarships. Over the past two decades, Women in Aviation International has disbursed more than $10 million in funding through scholarship and grant programs. You do have to be a member to apply for scholarships through this organization, but most women find membership with the organization to be most rewarding. With exclusive availability of information and support, access to meetings and organized events, and a community of other female pilots and aspiring pilots to communicate with being the perks, it is well worth membership fees to join. 

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