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Prepare Your Child For Preschool So That They Do Not Experience Separation Anxiety

If you are getting ready to enroll your child in a preschool program and do not want them to experience separation anxiety once they are away from you, try the following tips to prepare them for the transition.

Visit The Preschool Several Times Before Enrollment

Once you have selected a preschool, take the time to get to meet the staff and learn about the curriculum that will be taught. Take a tour of the preschool with your child and acquire information about projects and activities that your child will take part in, and discuss the activities with your child so that they may begin to look forward to the activities.  

Ask the teacher if your child can integrate with some of the preschoolers during your initial visit or watch them as the complete their daily routine. Once the tour has ended, ask your child what they liked about the visit and be open to stopping by the school with them other times before enrollment so that they grow accustomed to the surroundings, teacher, and students. 

Plan An Outing With Families Who Have Children Enrolled

If possible, gather information about field trips that the preschool offers and go on one with your child so that you can meet other parents and their children. If outings are not offered at the school, try to learn more about some of the families who have children enrolled at the school by asking the teacher if there are any play groups offered nearby or if he/she could help introduce you to some of the parents who have had their children enrolled in the preschool for a while.

As you get to know others, you may be able to make plans with some of them so that your child and their own will be able to spend time together participating in a recreational activity. If your child forms bonds with some of the children, they may not be too scared when it is time to begin attending classes at the preschool.

Sign Your Child Up For Part Time Classes

Before enrolling your child, find out if the preschool offers part time classes. Many schools offer morning or afternoon classes a few times a week. Attending a preschool on a part-time basis will give your child ample time to learn new skills and socialize with others, but may not cause them to feel overwhelmed by being away from you for an extended amount of time. As your child becomes more accustomed to attending preschool, you may be able to alter their schedule so that they are able to attend classes on a more frequent basis.

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