Academic Coaches Can Help Students Properly Transition To College

Successful high school students often transition easily to college using the skills they learned during these years. However, no matter how successful, some students may struggle with this transition for various reasons. In most cases, it has nothing to do with intelligence and is usually tied to proper preparation. Thankfully, academic coaching can help with this often troubling situation. Ways Academic Coaches Help High School Students Prepare for College Academic coaches are professionals who can help teens better understand many important lessons, including teaching them about the transition period between high school and college. [Read More]

Signs You Need An ACT Test Prep Tutor

The ACT is one of the most important exams you'll take in your early educational career. This is an exam that many colleges and universities use to determine students' eligibility for entry, so taking this test seriously and scoring as high as you can will help you get the best outcome overall. As you study for your ACT, know that you have options to help you succeed, such as enlisting the assistance of an ACT test prep tutor. [Read More]

Considering A Career In Medical Office Administration? There Are A Few Things You Should Know

Medical office administrators, sometimes referred to as medical secretaries, are highly valuable in the medical field. These people make it possible for care providers to place their primary focus on patient care while the everyday tasks of handling appointments, filing information, and interacting with patients is handled by a trained professional. If you are considering a career as a medical office administrator, you are bound to have a few questions about this new employment path. [Read More]

How to Manage Stress-Related Blind Rage in Children with Autism

Autism can be a difficult disorder to manage in your child, especially if they have a tendency to fall into moments of "blind rage" against you. Anger and violence are common in these moments, and dealing with them as they occur is difficult. Instead you need to understand how high stress leads to these behaviors and how you can avoid them. Autism Can Lead to High Levels of Stress Autism is a powerful condition that changes the way children perceive the world. [Read More]