Considering A Career In Medical Office Administration? There Are A Few Things You Should Know

Medical office administrators, sometimes referred to as medical secretaries, are highly valuable in the medical field. These people make it possible for care providers to place their primary focus on patient care while the everyday tasks of handling appointments, filing information, and interacting with patients is handled by a trained professional. If you are considering a career as a medical office administrator, you are bound to have a few questions about this new employment path. [Read More]

How to Manage Stress-Related Blind Rage in Children with Autism

Autism can be a difficult disorder to manage in your child, especially if they have a tendency to fall into moments of "blind rage" against you. Anger and violence are common in these moments, and dealing with them as they occur is difficult. Instead you need to understand how high stress leads to these behaviors and how you can avoid them. Autism Can Lead to High Levels of Stress Autism is a powerful condition that changes the way children perceive the world. [Read More]

Child Care Troubleshooting: Decreasing Separation Anxiety In Very Young Children

As a parent, leaving a young child at a care center can be stressful enough, but it becomes even more troubling for parents' emotions when the baby struggles with separation anxiety. Some babies and young toddlers cannot be left alone by their parents without struggling, which makes childcare tortuous. There are some things you can do as a parent to work on separation issues so your child can have a more enjoyable child care experience. [Read More]

Fun After-School Activities to Inspire Gratitude in Children

Thanksgiving is an autumn holiday that kids look forward to for many reasons, including four days off from school. They get to play and enjoy the company of loved ones that they don't get to see every day. Your children have many things to be thankful for throughout the season, and there is no need to wait until Thanksgiving to focus on gratitude. Your children will likely talk about what they're thankful for at school during Thanksgiving celebrations or lessons, and you, too, can use the following after-school activities to inspire kids to be grateful all throughout the season. [Read More]