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Academic Coaches Can Help Students Properly Transition To College

Successful high school students often transition easily to college using the skills they learned during these years. However, no matter how successful, some students may struggle with this transition for various reasons. In most cases, it has nothing to do with intelligence and is usually tied to proper preparation. Thankfully, academic coaching can help with this often troubling situation.

Ways Academic Coaches Help High School Students Prepare for College

Academic coaches are professionals who can help teens better understand many important lessons, including teaching them about the transition period between high school and college. In addition, the lessons teens may learn during these meetings can help them better understand how to prepare for this change. Just a few things that academic coaches can do include how they:

  • Teach Better Studying Skills: Some students may find that the new academic demand of college requires new studying skills that may be hard for them to master. An academic coach can teach students how to study more effectively by focusing on critical data in their text. It can also help students prepare for the challenge of heavy reading that often comes when pursuing a college degree.
  • Improve a Student's Knowledge Base: Academic coaches often focus heavily on helping students understand new knowledge that may be common in college. For example, they can introduce students to new class types, various studying methods, and essential basic skills like choosing classes correctly. This help can make transitioning to college much easier for teens.
  • Prepare for College Classes: Academic coaches can help teach high school students about the unique atmosphere of college classes. This may include discussing how professors lecture, highlighting ways to share information, the overall length and complexity of most college classes, and other important information that makes it easier for young students to grasp these complex lessons.

The skills taught during these lessons can provide young teens with a better grasp of college life and make it an easier transition. For example, some students may find themselves better understanding what their professors want and knowing what kind of classes are helpful for their degree. In this way, they can focus on their college career and avoid any complications that may occur otherwise.

Taking Care of This Situation

Parents concerned about their teen's preparedness for college may want to sit down with them and talk about the benefits of academic coaching to learn more about how it could benefit them. Doing so could make this experience a little easier and provide insights into any potential problems, including the risk of unintentionally overpreparing or overwhelming a student with too much information.