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4 Common Questions About Online Energy Healing Classes

Energy healing is a form of alternative medicine that relies on the energy found in all living things to promote wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. People with an interest in health care and spirituality may find that this modality of healing suits them well. In order to become an energy healer, you must study the traditional and contemporary practices used in this holistic health system. These are some of the questions you may have when considering studying at an online energy healing school:

1. What is energy healing?

In order to understand energy healing, you must first understand what healing means to the body. In simple terms, healing means restoring the body and mind to a state of wholeness and wellness. In energetic terms, healing can be thought of as bringing the energy of the body back into equilibrium. This can be done by working with the energy of the body itself or by manipulating external energy to nourish the body and spirit.

2. What role does intuition play in energy healing?

Western medicine relies heavily on the empirical process. Symptoms are analyzed to form diagnoses, which then determine the course of a patient's treatment. A patient's self-reported symptoms are often considered during energy healing. A patient's experiences, such as an awareness of feeling anxious or ill, can help their practitioner understand what's going on in their body energetically. However, intuition plays a large role in energy healing. At an energy healing school, students will be encouraged to develop their sensitivity to the energy around them, which will allow them to trust their intuition when it comes to helping patients.

3. Is it possible to heal people over long distances?

Online energy healing schools teach people to engage in energy healing work remotely. Just as energy healing can be taught over long distances, it can also be performed to help patients in the same way. Students at online energy healing schools will have the opportunity to practice on their fellow students and themselves. They will learn how to conduct energy healing sessions over the phone and through video calls. In this way, students can broaden their healing practice to help more people.

4. Is there one correct method of energy healing?

Energy healing is performed in many cultures around the world, from Japanese reiki to Indian chakra work. As you get started in your online classes, you may wonder if one method of energy healing is superior to another. Every energy healing tradition has something valuable to offer. Online energy healing schools can teach students how to work with energy from a variety of different cultural perspectives.