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Three Reasons To Use Tab Lock Boxes For Your Company As The Standard

If are running a company and producing a product of any kind, you will need to have packaging and boxes in order to send out your items. Whether you have a store or if you ship products directly from a factory, it is important that you create your own packaging. Having packaging in your store colors and placing your logo on the package are some choices that you have when designing your boxes. One big decision that you will have to make is the type of package that you would prefer. Here are three reasons to choose tab lock boxes as the standard. 

Complete protection of the interior product

Tab lock boxes typically have a thick bottom, which protects the product in the event that the box is roughly handled or dropped. Since the tabs on the side of the box will lock into one another, the box will not fling open and eject the product. You can place the items inside of a layer of protective wrap if necessary or use tissue paper for packaging. If you will be shipping out products, this will make sure that your items are delivered to customers without any issues. 

Products are better protected from the elements

Regular boxes must be taped together in order to be closed. If it rains, it may be possible for rain to get in past the tape or the tape to become punctured. It is also possible that sun damage can happen if products are exposed inside of a box that has an open top over a long period of time. Tab lock boxes will keep the weather elements completely out of your boxes and keep your products protected from loss even during the shipping process. 

You can add ribbon or bow accents easily

Tab lock boxes close completely and in a flat manner. This provides the perfect space to add embellishments. You can tie a ribbon around the packaging or add a bow to the top. You can also slip a note or thank you card on the top of the packaging placed in a protective clear pouch. The box provides a blank slate to add in extras that your customer may enjoy. During holiday time, you will not have to change anything about your packages except provide the right color festive ribbons and bows. This will make your company prepared for every season to please a wide customer base. 

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